BGQ Driver Source Internal Access

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ALCF employees can access using the support account. Inquire internally if you need the login information. Same for the access key on page 2.

The Argonne repo can be accessed via using MCS login credentials.


  • Login as noted above.
  • Select a component to download, e.g. "V1R1M2: eFixes for Blue Gene/Q Programs".
  • Select "Download using http".
  • Assuming you want to use command-line download because you are on an ALCF system that doesn't have a web browser, copy the links associated with the "I agree" option for each item.
  • Download using something like wget, possibly with the --no-check-certificate option, into the appropriate subdirectory (VxRyMz) in the repo.
  • Perform a standard Subversion commit.
  • Send a note to the list so that interested parties know.


The source repo (another alias) and Blue Gene/Q Wiki were supposed to have downloads of the system software and other helpful pointers but no one has done anything about it.